Etnyre Heavy Haul trailers from Glasvan are engineered for Canadian payloads and the severity of conditions north of the border. Our fabricated, pre-cambered beams are made from 100K+ yield steel and are robotically welded to provide the absolute highest level of structural integrity. Etnyre understands the need for more iron in critical areas to overcome the wide range of Canadian applications. They’re completely customizable and available from 35 to 100+ ton capacities. Engineered for Canada. Available at Glasvan.


*Classic & Limited Series Heavy Duty Trailers


*MRG *D/D Extendables


*Wind Blade Trailers
*Custom Series Heavy Duty Trailers

  • Blackhawk trailers have the highest lifting capacity and the most travel (above and below ground level) to clear any obstacle you may encounter while on the road
  • Simple, quick and easy hook-ups to any tractor air, electrical and hydraulic system
  • Multi-axle configurations
  • From 35 tons+
  • 25 – 55 ton MDG
  • Custom deck lengths
  • Custom widths 8’ to 10’
  • Additional axles available
  • Specialized projects
  • Multiple configurations, fully customizable
  • 35 to 100 tons
  • Hydraulic lift towers
  • Various axle configurations
  • Hydraulic remote steering boosters